1. Met my fam in Boston to celebrate my mom and my brothers’ birthdays. Had some fun at the museum of science. 

  2. hopeisaturtle:

    The Hunt (the Smith College interhouse scavenger hunt) ended last night at midnight but the results officially came out at 2:30 today. Talbot house got 6th place but out of ~35 houses I’m really proud of us! Also, we got to take some awesome pictures around town and with the President, Carol Christ! Which is awesome even if she doesn’t seem to be too into it!

    Can’t wait to do it again and next time WE WILL WIN!!!


  3. anniebissett:


    Smith College Museum of Art (SCMA) in Northampton, Massachusetts, has a show up right now (through May 26, 2013) called “Collecting the Art of Asia” that should be of interest to printmakers, especially those working with woodblock/mokuhanga. The exhibition, which highlights the Museum’s…

  4. Had a great Galentine’s Day with some lovely ladies tonight at Chapin House where they had waffles! Pictures to come…

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  5. thatswhatkentsaid:


    Gloria Steinem, Loretta Ross, and Katsi Cook at Smith College, February 3rd, 2013.

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